Casino Tips Roulette Winning


Many people don’t know this, but you can win every time you go to the casino. Yes, it is possible to win when you go in. The trick is that you have to know how much you want to win, plan accordingly and then be able to leave once you win that amount. The hardest thing for someone to do is leave a casino when they are winning. They assume they are going to keep winning. If you can get past this urge to keep playing, there is a system that is pretty much full proof and will guarantee that you win. There is not 100% full proof plan, but this one is pretty close.

If you want to win $100 per day, you can go into a casino with $10,000 every day and essentially guarantee that you will win. You should bet $100 on black or red on an online roulette game. If you win, there is your hundred bucks and you should leave. If you lose, you bet $200 the next hand. If you win, walk away having made both your hundred you lost and the one you wanted to win. You will do this until you win, going up by $100 every time you lose. The trick? Statistically it is very unlikely that you will lose this way if you have 100 times the money you want to make every day. It is possible, but extremely unlikely. Be smart and you could be making a smooth $100 every day.

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