Biggest Win From An Online Casino


Playing casinos online is very popular, especially as not everybody has access to a casino in their local town. The biggest online casino win however is nowhere near the biggest offline win, but it is still a sizeable amount.

The biggest online win in the UK is attributed to Carol Andrew from Surrey. She walked away with a nice $137,000 from the cashsplash game on

The lure of the online casino is that you can play it nearly anywhere, you don’t have to have a large bankroll, dress up, or go anywhere, it can be something done at the end of the day to unwind and relax.
By perhaps a stroke of luck Mrs Andrew had also won $20,000 previously from a game of poker on the same site. The main draw to Kingsolomons for Mrs Andrew was the security the website offered. It provided a secure storage for her credit card details, and made its payments the following day. She also found the user interface of the casino more aesthetically pleasing than those offered by other online casinos.

Whether you are playing casinos online or playing at a land casino, playing sensibly and knowing your game can increase your chances of winning, making it is possible to turn a profit. The most important thing to do is remain in control of yourself, the moment you feel you are losing your temper, or becoming angry you must walk away and stop playing, or you will bet recklessly and lose a lot in the long run.
Mrs Andrew did have a good run of luck for her wins, but remember that any profit you make is 95% strategy and 5% luck.

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