Biggest Ever Win For Online Bingo

Recently we were asked to find who is the biggest ever winner on online bingo, but it a more difficult task than you might initially think. Firstly many big winners tend to maintain their rights of privacy for obvious reasons, whilst others are more than happy to announce their good fortune to the world. Similarly, with so many bingo sites available on the web, most of them would love to be able to claim that the biggest ever bingo prize was won on their particular website. Anyway, so far our research has found the following.

Meccabingo recently paid a winner of the hugely successful Clover Rollover bingo game a massive £1.2 million, and as far as we can ascertain this is the biggest ever single bingo win. The winner of this magnificent life changing prize goes by the name of house73 though we have no idea of her real name.

Also in contention though is Gala Bingo who paid out £1 million a few years ago on KerChingo, a bingo game with a guaranteed £1 million prize. This game was one of the biggest promotions of all time and was spread across various bingo outlets which included television, online bingo and land based bingo clubs.

However, the biggest winner of all on a bingo site is known as Keith R. Although at the time he was playing Deal or No Deal rather than bingo, he won a record breaking £1,365,000. Keith R was a market trader who worked from home and one Saturday decided to casually play Deal or No Deal on his computer. When he started playing he did not realise that it was a jackpot game, and when it came to just two remaining boxed he turned down an offer of £300 in order to open the final box. Naturally he was amazed with his win.

However in terms of the biggest ever bingo winner, the honours must go to our fist named Meccabingo player house73. As she said, the screen just started flashing, music started playing and she screamed “I’ve won, I’ve won!”

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