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A casino is one place where the laws of chance – the laws of probability – are on full display. Almost all the casino games are built on pure chance and there is absolutely no way one could get any semblance of skill. Roulette is a leisurely game of sheer chance. It has been proven mathematically that it is inconceivable t win in the ling run in a game of roulette. Skills, strategies, tasks, plans, objectives, agility, mental perspicacity etc., have nothing to do when you play Roulette! When you put a wager, destiny takes over!

The Basics:

A spinning horizontal wheel, which is mounted on a shaft next to the betting layout, is what Roulette is all about. The American Roulette wheel has 38 divisions i.e., from number 1 to 36 plus a ‘0’ and ‘00’. The European one has 37 divisions i.e., numbers 1 to 36 plus a ‘0’. There is no ‘00’.

You may find that the color scheme used is Black, Red and Green. The numbered ones (i.e., from 1 to 36) are divided into two sections of 18 each, which are alternated with red and black colors. So, there are 18 red and 18 black sections alternated. The ‘0’ and ‘00’ are given green color and sit on opposite sides of the wheel from each other. The wheel is spun by a casino attendant and then he flings a ball into the wheel in the opposite direction of the spin. The wheel together with the ball slows down. When both come to a total stop, wherever the ball landed last and stayed is declared as the winning section. Whoever plays roulette, places his bet of chips on the betting layout. This is normally done before the ball is flung into the wheel.

How to Bet?

There are two ways. (1) Bet on reds – i.e., betting that the ball will land in any red colored section. (2) Bet on any specific individual section.

The Payoff:

For (1) Bet on reds – the payoff for a bet on the ball landing in any red colored section is 1 to 1, meaning that if you bet $10 on red to win, you will get back the sum you bet ($10) in addition to another $10 profit. The probability of red winning is 18/38 (18 Reds + 18 Blacks + 2 Greens).

For (2) Bet on any specific individual section – the payoff for a bet on any specific individual section is 35 to 1 i.e., for every bet of $1 you get $35. Let us say that you bet on section 15 as a winner and the ball incredibly lands on section 15. Suppose you have bet $2 on 15, then you will receive your bet of $2 together with $70 profit. The probability of 15 winning is 1/38.

These two are basic betting and payoff models. However, there are quite a number of variations on these models available in casinos.

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